Ray Rivera and the Murder Mystery That Shocked Baltimore

Was the mysterious death of a loving Baltimore death a suicide or was this a cold-blooded murder?

Carter Covington


Photo: Netflix

The year is 2006. George W Bush is the President of the United States. Hurricane Katrina just recently ravaged parts of the South including Lousiana. Justin Timberlake is a rising star in the music industry.

However, it was not the year that Allison Jones was expecting. What would come just a few months into 2006, would change so many lives forever.

A Happy Couple

Allison Jones and her newlywed husband, Ray Rivera, were young and ready to start a new chapter in their lives. In early 2006, they had packed up their belongings and made a big move to Baltimore, Maryland. Ray had just gotten a new job as a writer for his old college friend. Ray was living his dream in Baltimore. He was working as a writer. He had just recently gotten married. He was even fantasizing about having a child of his own.

A Mysterious Exit

Our story begins in May 2006. Allison has just left for an emergency business trip. This is not unusual. Her job is very demanding and there is often much travel.

One of Ray’s old-time friends is in town and is staying in the guest bedroom of their home. On May 18th, the guest hears Ray answer a phone call. Just moments after hanging up, Ray races (in flip-flops) out of the house. This is the last time that Ray is ever seen alive.

The next morning at about 5 am, Allison receives a call from the guest staying at her home. The guest says that Ray frantically rushed out of the house the night before and has not returned home.

Allison instantly knew that something was not right. She immediately called Ray’s family and raced home to try to find her husband.

When Allison got home, she was on the case. She called the police. However, the police stated that she could not report a missing person until 24 hours after the person is last seen.

Due to the fact that the police were not meeting Allison’s frantic requests, the family decides that they are going to take the case into their own hands.