How An Ex-Boyfriend Beat His Former Lover to Death

Moving on simply is not easy.

Carter Covington
3 min readFeb 22, 2021


Photo credit to the Colorado State Police

Love is certainly not an easy thing. Millions of people per year have their hearts broken by another person over love.

Just a few months ago, eighteen-year-old, Danielle Hopton, broke up with her twenty-year-old boyfriend, Stephen McNeil. Stephen was absolutely crushed and stunned by the sudden breakup. However, the two both agreed that they would remain friends in the future.

Despite the mutual agreement between the two, Stephen was still angry at Danielle about the breakup. He simply could not get over his ex-girlfriend.

In a rage, he decided to murder Danielle in cold blood.

The Parking Lot

In Fort Collins on February 6th, Stephen invited his ex-girlfriend to hang out with him at night with a couple of his friends. At first, Danielle said that she was busy. However, with some convincing, Danielle reluctantly agreed.

When they met up, Danielle got in Stephen’s car and the two went to meet up with his friends at an apartment complex parking lot.

Their plan was to have a fast-food dinner in the parking lot and then hit the town.

However, when the two pulled up to the lot, it was a different picture.

When they arrived at the lot, Danielle was absolutely ambushed. Another man was waiting for the arrival of their car. Immediately, Danielle was dragged out of the car and beaten to the point of death.

After beating her, the two men left in a hurry and left Danielle to fight for herself.

The Investigation

A few minutes after the two men drove off, a local resident from the apartment complex found Danielle unconscious in the parking lot in bad shape. She immediately called the police.

Paramedics rushed Danielle to the hospital and into the trauma unit. However, it was too late. Danielle passed away from her injuries on the ride over to the hospital.

The medical examiner ruled her gruesome death to be a homicide.

After an extensive investigation into Danielle’s death, including looking through text…



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