A Deadly Elderly Killing Spree in NYC

How one elderly man murdered over three old women in a five-year time span while remaining completely unnoticed.

Carter Covington
3 min readJan 25, 2021


The Carter G. Woodson Houses in Brooklyn, N.Y. A man was arrested in connection with the slayings of three elderly women who lived in the building.

Neighbors help neighbors. Whether you have a good relationship with the people next door or not, they aren’t going anywhere. Neighbors are somewhat permanent. If you do not like them, you have the option of moving out or getting used to them. There does not seem to be an option in between.

Residents at the Carter G. Woodson Houses in Brooklyn, NY were mostly elderly folks. They enjoyed getting together in the lobby to play checkers and tell stories about previous decades. Although they were from all different backgrounds, they all seemed to get along very well.

Although the building sounded safe and good from the outside, it was far from it. In the span of five years, one man had murdered at least three old women without going noticed by anyone. Until now.

The Sudden Deaths

In 2015, 82-year-old Myrtle McKenny died “peacefully in her sleep. She was found by her home aide. Her death was ruled peaceful and of natural causes.

As her family mourned her sudden loss, the funeral directors found something interesting on her body.

The directors found scab wounds, appearing to be quite deep, on her neck. Immediately, the directors contacted the NYPD.

An investigation into McKenny’s death was opened. In the end, the sudden death was ruled to be a homicide. However, no suspects were ever mentioned. The case had gone cold with no new leads.

But, in 2019, an elderly woman was found dead in her apartment by her grandson. This time, detectives knew that it was a homicide. They gathered evidence from the body. The detectives got a match. However, no one that they interviewed and took DNA from was a match.

After a few years, that case too had gone cold.

The Telephone Cord

On January 15th, police found 78-year-old, Juanita Caballero dead in her apartment with a telephone cord wrapped around her neck tightly.



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